What diabetes mellitus can do

Dr. Denis Slinkin

In diabetes mellitus, stress, bacterial infections and viruses can cause various complications, says Dr. Denis Slinkin.


Dr. Denis Slinkin

In diabetes, the biological balance in the body may be impaired. This in turn can cause ketoacidosis, an acute failure of metabolic regulation mechanisms. The patient has higher glucose and ketone levels. 

There is dry skin, bad breath, abdominal pain and headaches, increased thirst and increased urination. If these symptoms occur, you should see a doctor immediately for the correct treatment. Ketoacidosis is dangerous and can be fatal, the eccrinologist explained.


Hypoglycemia is a consequence of very low blood sugar levels. Common signs – malaise, fatigue, pallor, anxiety, excessive sweating, crying during sleep. The way out of this situation is to raise the sugar level to normal in an emergency. This condition should be avoided and it is obligatory to see a doctor to monitor the situation.


Dr. Denis Slinkin claims that Coma can happen amid glucose surges. Only a doctor can help in this situation. Hospitalization is necessary.

Vision problems

The high concentration of sugar in the blood leads to damage to small vessels (microangiopathy).

In case of diabetes, this pathology is much more dangerous – blindness may occur. For prevention, blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure should be monitored regularly, says Dr. Denis Slinkin.