I have diabetes, can I take the diet pill Adipex? It seems that just about every day, week, or month out of the year, a study comes out that links type 2 diabetes to obesity. Sadly, it also seems that each time that the results of one of these studies is printed, a diet drug company is right there to offer the answer to every one's prayers. These drugs claim to cure your obesity by just swallowing a simple pill or two every day. Sadly, there are even doctors out there that are more than willing to jump on this bandwagon. But, are there any FDA regulated diet drugs on the market that are safe for diabetics to take?

If you have learned that you have the disease, type 2 diabetes, it may be tempting to visit your doctor and ask, "I have diabetes, can I take the diet pill Adipex?", but you may want to know a little about the drug first. Adipex, a brand of the drug phentermine, is an appetite suppressant used to help patients lose weight by releasing appetite reducing chemicals into the brain. While Adipex can be a good choice for many who need assistance with weight loss, but for others, this diet drug can wreak havoc.

If you have diabetes and have been instructed to lose weight by your doctor, you may be asking if you can take Adipex. Unfortunately, diet drugs such as amphetamines can cause major side effects in those who have specific diseases. Persons with medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease, glaucoma, and elevated blood pressure should not take drugs such as Adipex. Adipex can cause severe interactions with other medications that the diabetic may be taking, which may cause death.

Another thing to keep in mind is that in many cases, diabetes leads to complications such as heart disease. Adipex, and some other diet drugs, can lead to rapid heart rates, heart "skips", and other heart damage. So, taking it can actually cause more damage to your heart, adding to those caused by the diabetes alone.

Even if these diet pills were safe for diabetics to take, the unfortunate truth is that they may work for short term weight loss. Once, you stop taking them, odds are very high that you will gain the weight back. It would further complicate your diabetes and probably cause more damage to your body than if you hadn't taken the drug at all.

So if you have diabetes, you cannot safely take the diet pill Adipex. However, there are ways to lesson your symptoms of diabetes. Note that obesity leads to insulin resistance, which leads to diabetes. By changing your eating habits and adding exercise to your daily routine, you can lessen your diabetes symptoms and in some cases, diabetic symptoms will even go away completely.

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