Myths about dentistry (Dentistry is painful)

Everything here is simple. If the dentist has hurt you, run away from this clinic immediately.

Of course, as in any rule – there are exceptions. But they should remain only exceptions. For example, in case of exacerbations, purulent processes – anesthesia works worse. But the current level of anesthesia allows almost all manipulations to be painless. And if during treatment you feel pain – it means that either the doctor uses cheap anesthetics (which means that there is a high probability that other materials are also cheap and of poor quality) or simply can’t do anesthesia (a very frequent phenomenon). That is, he was not even taught to do anesthesia at the institute! How then can he qualitatively do something more complicated?

Myths about dentistry (Dentistry is painful)

Also, for example, anesthesia is not so effective on athletes and, sometimes, on redheads. Athletes have slower metabolic processes. But a good doctor, guided by the questionnaire about the patient’s health, will warn him/her and try to give an additional injection. But in no case will he ignore this situation.

You should also understand that the longer you stretch your visit to the dentist with a complication, exacerbation – the harder will be the pain relief.

Example from practice. The patient is panicking at the dentists. But it is necessary to remove the tooth. The surgeon talks with the patient – how the removal will be done. He explains everything in detail. First, the injection. Then, the process of tooth extraction. “You will hear the pliers grinding against the tooth, it is common. Do not be afraid, it will not hurt. The tooth is multi-rooted, it sits tight. If you can’t remove it immediately, you will have to saw the roots and remove the tooth in pieces. The removal process begins. The patient hears a rattle and starts screaming. The doctor stops and asks: “Does it hurt?”. The patient answers: “No, it’s a scary rattle…”. Doctor: “Don’t be afraid, it always happens this way. If it hurts, tell me, I will stop right away.

Myths about dentistry (Dentistry is painful)

The removal process continues, the patient with the rattle has got used to it. But we got a tooth that is not easy to remove (I would have watched the patient remove it with a silk thread by himself – probably, it would have been a spectacle). It is necessary to saw the roots. The doctor starts to saw the tooth, the patient faints… But what does quality, foresight mean! The ammonia is at hand, the patient comes to his senses. And the doctor utters a magic phrase: “Here, they say, Red Bull wings. Aisle wins!”. After 10 minutes, the tooth is removed, the happy patient looks in the mirror at the place of the removed tooth and leaves with a smile. Now he has a completely different idea about the treatment of teeth. The fears of childhood of the horrors of the clinic and bad dentistry are gone forever.

And at that moment I felt a sense of pride for doctors, for the clinic.