Fighting pain

Recommendations for pain and tension

Life without pain and becomes a luxury for many: a sedentary lifestyle makes the price pay for neglecting one’s own anatomy. Office workers, programmers and accountants are all united by a sedentary lifestyle, a tense neck, and eye fatigue. These are risk factors, a trigger for headaches and tension.

How can you avoid this? The recommendations in their simplicity seem trivial, but they work.

Attractive woman in pain holding her head

1. Move more: Tension headache is the payback for inactivity. So don’t forget about gymnastics – do exercises for your neck and back muscles regularly. And take care of your spine – lift weights correctly and calculate your strength if you signed up for a fitness club. It is necessary to try to walk up the stairs, and not use the elevator, go through the extra stop on foot. During work, every hour, take a break for five minutes – get up from the computer, stretch your back and do eye exercises, looking from close objects to distant ones. “Counting crows” is good for health if these crows fly outside the window and not on the monitor.

2. A good habit is to ventilate the bedroom before going to bed. You can get up with a heavy head not only after a stormy evening the night before. Surely everyone knows that you need to sleep at least 8 hours. However, we often forget that healthy sleep will only be in a well-ventilated room with a temperature not higher than +18 degrees.

3. Eating right is another stepping stone to health. Fractional nutrition, not too fatty food can save you from many health problems, including reducing the risk of developing arterial hypertension – the scourge of modern society and the cause of headaches.

4. The cause of frequent headaches can be bad habits, so it is better to give up cigarettes and not abuse alcohol. Oxygen starvation of the brain caused by smoking and high blood pressure associated with libation can cause headaches. And the hangover does not add health.

If the pain came

No one is immune from pain. If the pain is found in the office, then solitude in a quiet, well-ventilated room without direct sunlight can be a salvation. If you can, relax, meditate, do yoga. The old-fashioned way with a cool towel on your head also helps – until the pill works, all means are good. A warm (not hot!) Bath and just a walk in the fresh air will help. Doctors recommend drinking more, but not tea or coffee: the body needs clean water. But alcohol for headaches is categorically contraindicated!

When is it time to see a doctor

It must be remembered that the pain pill relieves pain, but often does not remove the cause. But pain can be a symptom of formidable and even fatal diseases. Of course, this happens only in one percent of cases, but is it worth the risk? It is important with the help of your doctor to make sure that you do not fall into this one percent.

If the headache lasts more than a day and is accompanied by a temperature, this is a reason not only to go to the doctor, but to call an ambulance – such are the symptoms of meningitis. This disease without medical intervention can cause coma and death.

The main rule: if the pain persists for more than a day, or happens regularly, it’s time to see a doctor. The same goes for any headache caused by trauma.

Unambiguous reasons for a visit to the doctor: pain is accompanied by nausea, pain in the heart, decreased vision and darkening in the eyes. A doctor is also needed if the headache is accompanied by loss of sensitivity in the limbs or tingling in them. If the pain arose after you took some medicine – do not ignore it, consult a specialist.