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High levels of sugar in the blood most often lead to the diagnosis of diabetes. While there is not as much concrete information on the causes of diabetes, there are several different options that are discovered for controlling and stabilizing the amount of sugar that is in your blood.

The way that you control your diabetes depends on several different factors. First, the type of diabetes that you have will affect how you keep your blood sugar under control. Also, the amount of sugar that is found in your blood will determine the severity of the control that you need.
Controlling Diabetes by Diet

Low amounts of sugar in your blood may be able to be controlled by simply monitoring the items that you eat. Planning a well balanced diet may actually be enough to limit the level from rising too high. In addition to eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, drinking water, and limiting the intake of sugary foods, eating smaller meals more often is the best practice to help keep your sugar level stable.

Keeping Blood Sugar Levels Lower by Exercising
One major link that most doctors find with diabetes Type 2 patients is being over weight. If the major cause of the high blood sugar is obesity, then diabetes may be controlled through exercising and losing pounds of fat. When carrying out physical activities, it is important to monitor the amount of sugar in your blood. Activity often makes the level drop. Therefore, you must be careful that your sugar level does not fall too low.
Taking person with diabetes Pills for Diabetes Control
In some cases, following a proper diet, exercising, and losing weight are not enough to control your diabetes. In this case, your doctor will likely suggest that you take person with diabetes medications in the form of a pill or an injection. In most cases, a pill is prescribed when a person has Type 2 diabetes. There are several different options when it comes to person with diabetes pills. Your doctor will determine which pill is right for you based upon your evaluation.
Control Your Diabetes Through Injections
If Type 1 diabetes is present or if the diabetes appears to be a severe case, the doctor may suggest that you take insulin injections. The amount of insulin that you injection and the frequency of the shoots will depend upon the monitoring of your blood sugar levels. You will need to carefully monitor the amount of sugar in your blood to determine exactly how much insulin is needed. In most cases, the patient injection these shots him or her self.

No matter how severe your case of diabetes is, if you have been diagnosed it is important to learn how to control your disease. In most cases, a combination of controls is used together for the most effective results.